Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Celebrating the IGNITE Demo Day at the CABA Innovation Park

Latin American Impact: New Startups Emerge as Leaders in Scientific Transformation

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🙌 Meet to celebrate...On November 3, at the CABA Innovation Park, we celebrated our Demo Day. An event that, for many, meant the closing of an incredible stage of learning and transformation. Just 6 months ago, a new edition of IGNITE began, which culminated in the creation of 10 scientific startups from Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Brazil and Colombia. At Demo Day, these new startups told their value propositions in front of an audience of more than 150 people. The event was presented by TV host María Eugenia Lopez, who also interviewed Antonieta Rodriguez de Olmos from Food4You, Mauricio Braia from michroma and Leandro Ciappina from ArgenTAG. We want to thank each of the people who came to share this moment, and to the Innovation Park and Cervecería Rabieta for sponsoring this event. And, above all, we want to celebrate the almost 50 new founders who today join our portfolio to lead the transformation of science into impact in Latin America.🚀 Welcome DNAzyme, Algafeed, Nunatak Biotech, Semion, Vexxel, APEXzymes, Alkemio-Bio, Dogma Biotech, Qnity and Avatar to the GRIDX portfolio! 🚀Very soon we will tell you more about them🔜

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