On a mission to transform how we care for those suffering from heart conditions

At AVaTAR MedTech, we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions to save lives and improve the quality of life of people with various heart diseases
Photo of ignacio and tomas, the founders of AVaTAR Medtech, side by side, arms crossed and smiling
Photo of Ignacio, one of the founders, carrying out a surgery
Our vision

Advancing Healthcare through Innovative Medical Technologies

Our vision is to improve health and prolong people's lives through innovation in medical technology.
Our mission

A cutting-edge portfolio of medical solutions

Our mission is to offer a diverse portfolio of medical solutions that address various health issues, aspiring to be at the forefront of medical technology innovation by 2030.
Photo of Ignacio, one of the founders, carrying out a surgery
Our Story

Our Journey: The Genesis of AVaTAR MedTech

AVaTAR MedTech: Pioneering Semilunar Heart Valve Reconstruction

Uniting Expertise and Innovation to deliver lifesaving solutions
In 2016, Ignacio Lugones, a pediatric cardiac surgeon and co-founder of AVaTAR MedTech, experienced the profound loss of a beloved patient. This young child suffered from aortic valve disease and was awaiting a surgery that could potentially resolve his condition. Due to the lack of good alternatives, the patient was medicated and waiting to grow enough to be a suitable candidate for the operation. But during that period, he suffered from a sudden death.

This loss ignited a deep desire in Ignacio to find solutions for his patients. He conceived an idea and began working on it with his physicist brother. Together, they developed a mathematical model that could be used to reconstruct the aortic valve. Despite facing significant challenges and having no financial support, they managed to attract the interest of a major university in Europe, where finally both in vitro and in vivo testing were conducted.

Following this successful experience, Ignacio started applicating this procedure in children that had no other surgical option. Results were encouraging, and he realized that in order to make this medical device accessible worldwide, he needed to establish a company.

However, with no funds and lacking a co-founder, Ignacio decided to join GRIDX Exponential, the largest biotech accelerator in Latin America. Through its selection process, he met Tomás Armendariz, a young accountant & business consultant who had been chosen by GRIDX Exponential as one of the future CEOs of their startups’ portfolio.

Both co-founders met in the middle of 2023 within the program, where they discovered a shared motivation and goal. They teamed up and, by the end of 2023, secured an investment to establish the company. This venture was born out of a personal tragedy and a relentless pursuit of medical innovation to save lives, marking the beginning of a promising collaboration aimed at revolutionizing cardiac care.

Our Achievements

Celebrating Milestones and Successes: Discover Our Journey of Accomplishments and Contributions
Photo of Ignacio and Tomas, the founders of AVaTAR Medtech, hugging each other showing the tweezers
Innovative Breakthroughs
Pioneering the future of medical technology, AVaTAR MedTech has achieved remarkable milestones, from conceptualization to groundbreaking innovations in semilunar valve reconstruction.
Successful in vitro trials
AVaTAR MedTech has successfully conducted in vitro hydrodynamic tests at Aarhus University in Denmark, further solidifying our position at the forefront of medical innovation.
Successful in vivo trials
Validating our commitment to excellence, AVaTAR MedTech has conducted successful in vivo trials, demonstrating the efficacy and safety of our innovation in real-life scenarios.
Our experience in real patients
The surgical method consistently exhibited exceptional performance in rigorous tests, culminating in successful validation through 17 surgeries on actual patients—11 aortic valve replacements and 6 pulmonary valve replacements in children. These procedures were conducted under a protocol that has been ongoing for several years.
Incubator recognition - NAVES & IncuBAte
Acknowledged for our potential to transform semilunar valve reconstruction surgery, AVaTAR MedTech has been recognized and supported by NAVES and IncuBAte, testament to our innovative vision and strategic business approach.
International Recognition at Medical Congresses
Our dedication to advancing medical solutions has been showcased on prestigious platforms, including the American Association of Thoracic Surgery in 2019 and the Society of CardioThoracic Surgery of Great Britain and Ireland in 2023.
Prominent Figure in Medical Sciences - CABA
AVaTAR's co-founder & CSO, Ignacio Lugones, has earned acclaim as a prominent figure in Medical Sciences in CABA, contributing to the company's credibility and influence in the field.
Pre-seed investment round - GRIDX
AVaTAR MedTech secured investment from GRIDX Exponential, the most prominent biotech venture capital fund in Latin America.
Our Values

The values that drive everything we do

Upholding Integrity, Empathy, and Excellence: Our Guiding Principles in Action

Dedicated to constant improvement in healthcare, our team commits to overcoming challenges and advancing medical technology for a positive impact on people's lives.


Upholding excellence and ethical standards in every facet of our work, ensuring precision and reliability from idea inception to solution execution.

Innovation and Compassion

Innovating with a compassionate approach, we develop advanced medical solutions that prioritize the well-being of individuals facing health challenges.

Safety Focus

Prioritizing safety in all our endeavors, from conceptualization to implementation, ensuring our medical solutions adhere to the highest standards of quality and security.

Transparency and Openness

Embracing transparency and openness in our operations, fostering trust and clear communication with our stakeholders and the wider community.

Adaptable Resilience

Demonstrating adaptable resilience in the face of challenges, we navigate obstacles with flexibility and determination, ensuring our innovations endure and thrive.

The team

Meet the heart behind AVaTAR

Ignacio Lugones
Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)
Pediatric & Congenital Cardiac Surgeon PhD in Medical Sciences

Ignacio is a recognized pediatric cardiac surgeon, known by his proactive and innovative profile. Author of multiple publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, he pioneered surgical treatments for congenital heart diseases such as scimitar syndrome, atrioventricular septal defect, tetralogy of Fallot, aortic valve diseases, pulmonary valve regurgitation and single ventricle. He also serves as reviewer for prestigious international journals. He obtained his PhD in Medical Sciences in 2017 at the Favaloro University in Buenos Aires. After some years leading the congenital heart surgery at that institution, he came back to the public sector and became Head of Unit of Cardiac Surgery at the Children's Hospital of Buenos Aires "Dr. Pedro de Elizalde", his current position.

Among other awards, he has won IncuBAte and NAVES, and also received the official recognition of the Buenos Aires City Government as Prominent Figure of Medical Sciences.

Tomás Armendariz
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Business Strategist & Chartered Accountant

Tomas brings extensive experience as a Business Strategy Consultant. Before co-founding AVaTAR MedTech, he led the development of Omnichannel strategy and agile POD setup for a multinational pharmaceutical firm in LATAM. He distinguished himself by devising commercial strategies for a local medical supplier in Argentina. Subsequently, his role expanded to that of a Commercial Project Management Officer and methodologies expert, playing a crucial role in launching a NewCo for a major energy player in Argentina.

Tomas has also made significant contributions to local mass consumption analysis, leveraging his Spanish-English fluency to engage with diverse stakeholders. His expertise encompasses Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Pharma, and Consulting.

Commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals

At AVaTAR MedTech, we embrace the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our innovations not only enhance health but also propel us toward a more sustainable and equitable future. Join us in our mission for a healthier, responsible world.

SDG 3 logo, Good health and well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Our devices are life-changing and life-saving technology. This innovation is a pivotal breakthrough for individuals who have faced disabilities since childhood or adulthood, empowering them to lead active and productive lives. Moreover, in the most critical situations, it has the potential to save lives, thereby impacting millions of families globally. This technology not only enhances individual well-being but also profoundly changes the lives of many around the world.

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Understanding the prevalence and annual incidence of aortic and pulmonary valve diseases, as well as the significant number of individuals requiring surgical treatment, highlights the importance of innovation in medical technology. This innovation is crucial for ensuring the availability of adequate medical resources. These include trained surgeons, advanced facilities, and specialized procedures designed to meet the needs of this global population in a standardized and sustainable manner.

SDG 9 logo, Industry, innovation and infrastructure
SDG 10 logo, Reduced inequalities

Reduce inequality within and among countries

Thanks to our medical devices, we anticipate that the surgical approach will improve and broaden access to treatment by identifying and catering to an underserved demand. From a medical perspective, this device broadens the scope of surgical options through its cost-effectiveness, exceptional ease of use, and efficacy. As a result, a significant number of new patients will gain the chance to qualify for aortic or pulmonary valve surgery and undergo this innovative procedure.

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